Lebanese Diaspora Support and Communications

Please mark your calendars and save the date to attend the 3rd Annual Immigrant’s Reunion 2017 conference on 3-4 August, 2017.
LIBC invites Lebanese across the world to find their way back home again, bearing success stories, initiatives and a lot of love to share with their fellow countrymen.
We believe that our diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists provided and will provide in-depth insight, as well as, actionable and practical tools of engagement models, methods and mechanisms.
We do believe that together we can achieve more and we can support our beloved country, Lebanon, at all levels.

Successful Conferences

LIBC has organized conferences and workshops, both in Lebanon and abroad, with outstanding results. November 2001 witnessed a conference by LIBC in Belgium. In May 2002, LIBC organized a conference called the Lebanese-Arab Investments and Economic Integration, which was organized in Dubai. In June 2003, LIBC achieved major success with Planet Lebanon in Brazil. Set to be the best yet, LIBC’s fourth conference, Planet Lebanon 2004 that was held in Lebanon. LIBC Fifth Conference Planet Lebanon 2005 was held in Central America in the Island of Curacao. LIBC sixth conference Planet Lebanon 2010 was held in Lebanon. LIBC also organized two editions of “Immigrants’ Reunion” conferences in Lebanon during 2012 and 2016.

Touristic Trip to Chouf district

رسالة من رئيس المجلس الاغترابي الى قائد الجيش اللبناني

توّجه رئيس المجلس ألإغترابي اللبناني للأعمال الدكتور نسيب فوّاز برسالة إلى قائد الجيش اللبناني العماد جوزف عون جاء فيها: ” يتشرف المجلس الإغترابي اللبناني للأعمال، أمانةً عامة وهيئة إدارية وهيئة عامة، بالتوّجه من مؤسسة الجيش اللبناني،…

Byblos Bank wants to bring Lebanese expatriates one step closer to home

The recently launched and highly successful advertising campaign for Byblos Bank’s Expatriate Housing Loan is yet more proof of how much the Bank prioritizes the needs of Lebanese expats. Planet Lebanon 2017 Magazine speaks to Elie…

Azhari: Planet Lebanon 2017 gives BLOM BANK an intrinsic motive to engage in activities that deals with expatriates

Planet Lebanon 2017 Magazine speaks to Mr. Saad Azhari Chairman and General Manager of BLOM BANK SAL to give us an insight into the Bank’s policy towards Lebanese Immigrants. BLOM BANK is sponsoring Planet Lebanon 2017…

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The seventh Lebanese International Business Council (LIBC) Conference and exhibition…

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Dear LIBC members and Friends Please mark your calendars and…

LIBC.NET and the WWW (World Wide Web)

The Internet and WWW (World Wide Web) have been established…


Byblos Bank is eager to build bridges with Lebanese expatriates around the world, and to make it happen they provide customized solutions that answer your needs. Eligibility Lebanese citizen with official residence in a…
The Silk Road Chamber for International Commerce (SRCIC) is ready to grant $2 billion in loans with low interest rates to the local market, according to Adnan Kassar, Chairman of the Economic Bodies and…